Where to Stay on Catalina Island

When you are wondering where to stay on Catalina Island it helps to look at all the options. There is a large variety of lodging choices and it’s important to make the right decision. The best way to look at these options is by category. So, we have outlined all the various categories about where to stay on Catalina Island to make things easier for you.

All of the hotels, inns, campgrounds, and bed and breakfasts have been researched and reviewed. We spend countless hours getting the latest and best information so you don’t have to. As a result, choosing where to stay on Catalina Island is made much easier. So, take some time to find the categories that seem to fit your preference best and simply follow the links. We hope that this information provides a useful guide for your visit to Catalina Island.

Hotels on the Beach

Catalina Beachfront HotelA wonderful way to enjoy the natural beauty in the heart of Catalina Island is at one of the hotels on the beach. For many, this is where to stay on Catalina Island. It is fun for couples and the whole family will definitely love Catalina’s finest beachfront hotels. These Catalina Island hotels on the beach provide a luxurious accommodation to all kinds of guests in a variety of rooms and suites. A stay in any of these hotels provides a lifetime memory.

Catalina Island has a few hotels in Avalon that are on the beach, but really the closest they can get is across the street. Crescent Avenue runs the length of the half-moon along Avalon Bay (hence the name “Crescent”). However, being just a few steps from the water is a great way to spend a vacation on Catalina Island. There are areas of sand including an actual shoreline right around the Green Pleasure Pier where you can get your feet wet.

Our featured choice of Catalina Island hotels on the beach is the Portofino Hotel. This beautiful hotel has a sandy area across the street from it and it’s just a short walk to the pier. Aside from this, the hotel boasts a variety of great features and amenities. The main feature of the Portofino Hotel is its fantastic location. It is just steps away from the beach and water and also the heart of Avalon.

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Hotels with Ocean View

Hotel with Ocean ViewThere are several Catalina Island hotels with ocean view and the island has all sorts of high-class lodging options. Although the island is a perfect place to be on your next vacation, you might place a lot of importance on the view from your room. So, for many visitors, a stay in Catalina Island would not be complete without this.

Catalina Island hotels with ocean view come in all shapes and sizes and can be found in both Avalon and Two Harbors. Avalon is a center with different activities from restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. Two Harbors has a very quiet relaxing environment where you can relax and unwind. If you are like many people who prefer a hotel with an ocean view, however, then Avalon is the place to be.

In this case, the most historic area works great for capturing the view everyone is seeking. Everyone seems to enjoy a view overlooking Avalon Bay. This is why some of the older hotels in Avalon offer the best views of the ocean right from the balcony of the guest room.

Our featured choice of Catalina Island hotels with ocean view is the Hotel Catalina, a beautiful oceanfront hotel that was built in 1916. The hotel has been renovated with modern building materials to bring you that blue and white fine touch. It is found a few steps from Avalon Bay where you can have a tranquil harbor view from your balcony.

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Boutique Hotels

Catalina Island Boutique HotelsCatalina Island boutique hotels are the perfect place to be for your weekend gateways. The island has two ports, the most popular being at Avalon where most visitors arrive. You will be provided with a variety of experiences from a luxurious moment to an adventurous one in Catalina Island.

Catalina Island boutique hotels come with all the good treats you may be looking for. Typically, these quaint hotels are small and intimate, yet provide a touch of class beyond the ordinary. These elegant boutique hotels are for everyone whether you’re visiting on a strict budget or not.

The great thing about Catalina Island boutique hotels is that there is always a story and rich history behind them. From the eclectic and rustic venues to the traditional boutique experience, you will not be disappointed. This type of hotel is often preferred by visitors who wish to avoid the larger and less intimate hotels.

Our featured choice for Catalina Island boutique hotels is the Avalon Hotel. This lovely place is located just a few minutes from the Avalon shopping area. You will find everything you need here from start to finish on your visit. In fact, the Garden Patio even features a Koi Pond for everyone to enjoy!

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Where To Stay on Catalina IslandCatalina Island is made up of two towns that complement the stay on the island. On the east end is the city of Avalon which has most social activities. On the west side is the town of Two Harbors in the most peaceful side of the Island. A Catalina Island resort is the place to be on any of your vacation or when you want to hold a special event.

Whether you are looking for a quiet place to be or you simply want to have some great fun. There are adventurous activities and Catalina Island will give you just what you are looking for. Also, Catalina Island resorts offer a wide variety of amenities to their guests. It’s no wonder that many people prefer this type of environment where everything is at your fingertips.

Our featured choice of Catalina Island resorts is the Holiday Inn Resort. It is strategically located at the foothill of the Catalina Island overlooking the city of Avalon. This gives you the most fascinating view of the ocean and hillside. This resort offers you a wonderful stay with different recreational activities that will make your visit at Catalina Island a memorable one.

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Romantic Hotels

Romantic Hotel Catalina IslandA Catalina Island romantic hotel is a perfect place to have a special moment with your love. As you experience what they have to offer you will see for yourself. Whether you are looking for a quiet romantic place alone or an adventurous experience with your loved one, Catalina Island has the best. When you are in the mood for romance, look no further to stay and relax.

You will find a variety of accommodations that suit every need and budget coupled with fascinating scenery and terrain making your stay memorable. The Island will keep you glued to natural as well as other vistas that will amaze you. There is really something for everyone here when it comes to romance.

Our featured choice for Catalina Island romantic hotels is the Aurora Hotel. Over the years, the Aurora Hotel has earned a commendable name as the top romantic destination for many couples who enjoy their romantic moments in the hotel. From its perfect location to the rooftop deck with ocean and bay views, this charming experience is simply heaven for any couple.

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Hotels for Families

Catalina Island Hotels for FamiliesThinking of taking your family for a vacation? Catalina Island hotels for families are the place to be any time of the year because the weather is always favorable. These hotels offer you a home away from home feeling. The facilities, the views, and the atmosphere makes Catalina Island the best vacation destination for you and your family.

There are many family friendly hotels on Catalina Island which makes it great for family vacations. The wide variety of things to do provides non-stop fun for everyone. You can find several Catalina Island hotels for families, but the best place to be is in Avalon. This city is more of a hub and has a broader variety of activities.

Our featured choice of Catalina Island hotels for families is the Holiday Inn Resort. It is conveniently located in the foothills of Catalina Island and overlooks Avalon. This offers a great view from the hillside of the ocean. There are many different family activities which are sure to make your stay in the Catalina Island hotel for families one to remember.

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Discount Hotels

Catalina Island is rich in places to stay on vacation that enhance your time on the Island. Other than the accommodation, Catalina Island is full of recreational activities that you can engage in. For those traveling on a budget, Catalina Island discount hotels are available. Living on a shoestring will not necessarily keep you from experiencing Catalina Island.

The island has two towns with different settings altogether. If you want a quiet place for a vacation, you have Two Harbors located on the western side of the Island. If you are looking for fun having more of a city feel, then Avalon which, located on the eastern side of the Island, has got all you need. We have a couple of featured choices for Catalina Island discount hotels.

–          Seacrest Inn

Seacrest InnLocated in the center of Avalon, the Seacrest Inn has long established itself as a great value. It is not too fancy and offers everything you need even if you are traveling on a budget. Most of the rooms have spa tubs with showers and each is decorated with a different theme. The homey atmosphere adds to the charm of this long-established hotel. There is even a rooftop deck for your enjoyment with great views of the Avalon area.

There are also two cottages which are great for the family vacation. The owner is hands-on and always ready to help with even the smallest of details.

–          Casa Mariquita Hotel

Casa Mariquita HotelIf you want a hotel that will give you one of the best deals on the Island, Casa Mariquita Hotel offers great discount rates. This is a family-owned hotel with 22 rooms to choose from located in the heart of Avalon. You can save up to 80% when you stay at this hotel. There is an abundance of things to do in the area and Casa Mariquita Hotel offers a central location at a great price. It even has its own beautiful courtyards where you can experience the most fascinating local birds.

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Pet Friendly Hotels

Catalina Island Pet Friendly HotelsPets deserve a nice treat and good amenities just as humans do. However, it is rare to find a hotel of its class boarding pets. So when you walk in a room and you find they already provided you with a mini fridge for your pet’s food or a bowl of water for your pet, you feel welcomed. And, you already know that you have the best stay in town. In Catalina Island, there are two main pet friendly hotels.

Both of these Catalina Island pet friendly hotels offer VIP treatments for your pets. When you have a luxurious room, your pet gets equally the same world-class treatment as you do. You don’t have to leave your pet behind anymore. Catalina Island pet friendly hotels let you have fun with your four-legged best companion.

Catalina islands pet-friendly hotels provide an accommodating environment for pet walking and various adventurous activities around the city of Avalon. The hotels are located close to the Metropole Market Place where you can have a walk with your pet or check out the fascinating collection of shops.

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Catalina Island Bed and Breakfast

Catalina Island Bed and BreakfastB&Bs are the most peaceful and perfect places to stay and relax while on your vacation. Catalina Island bed and breakfasts provide a serene environment that offers you a variety of options to choose from. You will enjoy a lot of activities to do during the day and a luxurious place to relax during the night.

Catalina Island bed and breakfasts are ideal for private meetings as well as people who need a quiet peaceful environment to refresh their mind. Staying at a B&B will ensure you have the best stay with their top-notch services and amenities to cater for your every need.

Nothing is more refreshing than starting your day with a home-cooked breakfast. This is why these friendly venues are so popular, especially in destinations such as Catalina Island. The first meal of the day sets the stage for the wide range of activities which await every visitor.

Banning House of Two Harbors is our featured choice in the Catalina Island bed and breakfast category. This charming lodge can even accommodate people with special occasions and events. The fact that Banning House is located away from the busier town of Avalon plays to its advantage. The seclusion of Two Harbors offers a more laid-back environment with still plenty of charm and history.

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Catalina Island Camping

Catalina Island CampingCatalina Island offers a wide range of outdoor activities to its visitors. One of the most popular activities you can enjoy at Catalina Island is camping. Take a walk as you experience nature by your side. Catalina Island camping allows you to experience the home of many animal and tree species. Some of these are extremely rare and not found anywhere else in the world.

You are likely to encounter squirrels, different bird species, deer, ravens and the island fox in their natural habitats. The sound of birds singing from the nearby forest changes the environment from the noisy city life to a cool more inviting camping atmosphere. Catalina Island camping offers a refreshing break from the ordinary routine.

Our featured choice for Catalina Island camping is the Hermit Gulch Campground, perfect for adventurous people. You can explore the Catalina Island interior by visiting this campground, the only camping facility in the Avalon city limits. It is located on the hillside along the Avalon Canyon Road between Wrigley Memorial and Botanic Gardens and the Catalina Island Conservancy Nature Center. If you are fond of camping then this is a perfect place for you.

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