Tour CatalinaOur featured choice for Catalina Island tours is the Tour Catalina company.  Family owned and operated, this premier tour company give the finest in expeditions combined with outstanding customer service.  Tour Catalina will help you from start to finish in all of your tour planning.  The variety of tours is extensive and you can conveniently start booking each of them right here.

Here is a list of the Catalina Island tours available for booking through Tour Catalina:

Aerial Adventure

Catalina Island Tours Aerial AdventureLocated just beyond the Descanso Beach Club, this 90 minute tour features a “smart-belay” system among the trees.  So, this harness system keeps you safe and sound above the ground in this adventure park.  You will swing and balance your way through the forest as you encounter nature at its finest.  You will see the true beauty of the area in this tour.

Avalon Scenic Drive

This is a short bus tour just under an hour that will give you a great ride around Avalon.  The over 7 mile journey includes commentary about the history of the area and a touch of folklore to make things even more interesting.  Above all, traveling along trails and hills as well as the city, this tour consistently receives the highest marks from visitor surveys.

Behind the Scenes Casino Tour

Catalina Casino TourSee what goes on behind closed doors in this fascinating journey through the world famous Catalina Casino.  Learn about the great history here as you experience this historic building.  You will see backstage areas that have been closed to the public previously for over 70 years.  To top it off, you will go into the green rooms which hosted host to many famous performers over the years.

Discover the Casino Tour

Learn all about the historic and world famous Catalina Casino.  See everything there is to see in the building including the Casino Ballroom and the classic 1929 pipe organ inside the Avalon Theatre.  Another feature is the “Romance Promenade” which offers what many consider the most romantic view in all of Catalina Island.  Included in the tour is a short film which highlights the history of this fascinating building.  Catalina Island tours of the Casino are always interesting and informative.

Cape Canyon Expedition

Catalina Island BisonEnjoy a thrilling ride in this “Green” Hummer which has been converted to run off of vegetable oil recycled from local restaurants.  This Catalina Island tour goes through the scenic Cape Canyon in the heart of the island.  Also explored is the “Airport in the Sky” and the island’s Conservancy Nature Center.  And, keep an eye our for the popular bison which roam in the area.

East End Adventure

Travel 1,500 feet above sea level in the open-air “Green” Hummer on yet another fabulous journey.  This Catalina Island tour will give you a birds-eye view of the area while traveling to the summit overlooking Avalon.  Experience great views of the coastline and canyons on this trip.  You will travel five miles to the interior of the island and return via Summit Road into Avalon.

Electric Bike Rental

Catalina Island Electric Bike ToursDefinitely the coolest way to travel around Catalina Island is using an electric bike.  These bicycles are offered by Catalina Bikes which is owned and operated by Tour Catalina.  Experience the fun of these electric bikes while you tour all around the Avalon area.  Biking on Catalina Island is the way to go and take full advantage of all the the sights to see.

Escape Room

This popular 1 hour activity allows you to experience working as a team to escape a series of interactive rooms.  Beat the Pirate to the finish as you use a variety of clues, mysteries, and puzzles.  This is a really fun-filled group experience that has gained extreme popularity everywhere.  This venue will provide you with a great experience and give lasting memories.

Glass Bottom Boat

Catalina Island Glass Bottom BoatA must see adventure on anyone’s visit to Catalina Island is a Glass Bottom Boat tour.  You will see amazing sea life as you gaze into the depths.  Catalina Island is famous for the crystal clear water that surrounds it and allows for great underwater viewing.  A trip to Catalina Island would not seem complete without taking part in this excursion.  This is one of the most popular Catalina Island tours.

Ghost Tours

This very cool night walking tour is a legend in Catalina Island.  The Original Ghost Tours of Catalina provide the best in experiencing the ghostly history of the island.  The stories included in the Catalina Island tour are based on true and verified encounters with ghosts.  Don’t be afraid, there is actually nothing to fear on this tour.  It’s just a lot of great fun to experience!

Little Harbor Trip

Catalina Island SnorkelingOn this Catalina Island tour, you will be picked up in Avalon at the Island Plaza turn around.  Then, you will be transported through the interior of the island.  This trip is also called the Shark Harbor Paddle Board Adventure, but also includes your choice of snorkeling, surfing, disc golf, mountain biking and more.  This is a great way to spend the day doing whatever suits you including simply relaxing on a truly beautiful beach.

Inland Expedition

This is a classic inland motor tour which lasts over 3 hours.  This is a comprehensive tour for those who want to see as much as possible of the island.  You will travel along the rugged interior roads and also the Pacific coast areas of the island in this memorable expedition.  Catch a glimpse of the famous bison that roam the island.  Catalina Island tours need to always include a chance to see this amazing animal.

Ridge Route to Avalon

Mountain Biking with BuffaloWhat better way to see the Catalina Island’s famous bison?  Check out this awesome tour which features transportation up the hill to the starting point at “Airport in the Sky”.  Get ready to see the world famous Catalina Island “Buffalo” and take in the sights.  Gear up with your mountain bike and free-wheel it down hill while experiencing all the great views and vistas.

Mini Golfing

This leisurely golf activity is fun for the whole family.  The 18 hole “Golf Gardens” has been a fixture on the island for over 40 years.  Less than a block from the beach, the course meanders through beautiful garden areas.  The classic style and award-winning design is second to none.  Get  your game on with this enjoyable activity.


Catalina Island ParasailSee amazing views and experience the thrill of a ride on this parasail excursion.  You will be safely assisted step-by-step in getting geared up for the ride.  Then, enjoy the experience and the panoramic views of the ocean as you ride upon the wind.  Rise to heights up to 800 feet above the water for a view that will literally take your breath away!

Ocean Runner

Known as the “Ocean Runner Dolphin Tour”, this tour features a ride in a “Navy Seal” type boat.  This vessel moves a great speeds with 500 horsepower.  The tour gives you a chance to see dolphin and seal in their native habitat.  These fun-loving creatures are a joy to experience up close and personal.  This is a truly exhilarating excursion you won’t forget.

Submarine Tour

Catalina Island Submarine TourOne of the favorite Catalina Island tours is a classic experience that features and undersea adventure.  You will get an up close view of all the amazing sea life from under the water.  See the California state fish, the beautiful Garibaldi along with all the others in this authentic submarine.  Furthermore, the well-apportioned seating allows for a great view from anywhere on the vessel.

Skyline Drive Tour

This is 2 hour tour on a totally refurbished 1950’s Flexible Bus.  It explores the highest reaches of the island by traveling along the scenic “Skyline Drive”.  Be on the lookout for the world famous bison that roam the area on this enchanting drive.  You will enjoy the panoramic views and the tour includes a visit to the Catalina Nature Center and Airport in the Sky.

Zipline Eco Tour

This is one of the most popular of all Catalina Island tours.  Get strapped in for an exciting ride as you traverse from station to station.  This tour definitely gives a a new meaning to “Birds-Eye View”!  Most noteworthy is that there are 5 different zip lines traveling from a starting point 600 feet above sea level.

No matter which tours you choose, you are sure to have a great time.  Catalina Island tours are legendary and give everyone a chance to truly experience all the island has to offer.  Make your stay a memorable one and take part in the wide variety of excursions.  You will make memories that last a lifetime!

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