The Beautiful Catalina Island Beaches

Catalina Island BeachesCatalina Island has a lot of nice features, but when you come to an island, you better believe the beach is the number one attraction! The Catalina Island beaches are breathtaking! Here the water is blue and the skies are sunny with calm, Mediterranean temperatures. There are actually a few beaches in the Catalina Island area. For starters, let’s discuss the Avalon area.

Avalon Area Beaches

The city of Avalon is only one square mile in size, but it still boasts the finest beaches in all of California—and arguably all of the Pacific. The surf is generally calm around Avalon, because it is on the protected side of the island. These Catalina Island beaches are sandy and deep, perhaps a steeper drop off than normal. South Beach, Middle Beach and Step Beach are found in the area. South Beach is a small area with a retaining wall and steps. The beach is known for its surges whenever the tide comes in. In fact, the current is strong enough to discourage children from swimming in it. However, it is an ideal place for fishing and snorkeling.

Relax and unwind on the spectacular Catalina Island beaches

Catalina Island BeachStep Beach is found north of the Green Pleasure Pier. It is even smaller than Middle and South Beach and has a deep drop off into the ocean. Weston beach is best accessed by boat. Why? This beach requires a 14-mile hike from Avalon. Once you get there, the beach is well worth the effort, as it is possibly the most beautiful of all Catalina Island beaches.

Lastly, there is the Descanso Beach. This is the most popular Catalina Island beach site in the area, and is the only beach that accesses a seaside bar and restaurant. The Descanso Beach Club has a romantic atmosphere ideal for weddings and get-togethers.

Lover’s Cove, a state marine conservation area, has possibly the best snorkeling of all the Catalina Island beaches. The beach consists of rocky terrain filled with numerous nooks and crannies with which to explore. Snorkeling gear (as well as bikes, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and golf carts) a can be rented at many places in town.

Two Harbors Beaches

Catalina Island Beaches PaddleboardThere are more great Catalina Island beaches in the Two Harbors area. This is on the other side of the island and has a totally different feel. There are numerous day trips and excursions to Two Harbors, or you can simply stay there during your visit. Many people prefer the more laid back atmosphere.

There are beautiful, sandy beaches on both side of the pier at Two Harbors. Equipment rental is available at Two Harbors Dive & Recreation Center including lounge chairs and other beach items. You can even tour around the area in a kayak or by hiking where you will encounter some amazing coves. You can also discover secluded, pristine beaches for the ultimate in a private beach experience.

Come enjoy yourself on the beach! You can even camp out and sleep an entire night in this year-round summer climate!