Catalina Island Pet Friendly Hotels

Pets deserve a nice treat and good amenities just as humans do. Catalina Island pet friendly hotels offer great service with boarding pets. So when you walk in a room and you find they already provided you with a mini fridge for your pet’s food or a bowl of water for your pet, you feel welcomed. And, you already know that you have the best stay in town. In Catalina Island, there are two main pet friendly hotels,

Both of these Catalina Island pet friendly hotels offer VIP treatments for your pets. When you have a luxurious room, your pet gets equally the same world-class treatment as you do. You don’t have to leave your pet behind anymore. Catalina Island pet friendly hotels let you have fun with your four-legged best companion.

Catalina islands pet-friendly hotels provide an accommodating environment for pet walking and various adventurous things to do around the city of Avalon. The hotels are located close to the Metropole Market Place where you can have a walk with your pet or check out the fascinating collection of shops.

Important check-list for your pet

  • Ensure your pet has a securely fastened identification tag on his collar. Ensure also that the information on the tag is correct just in case you accidentally separate. It is also good to have your pet micro-chipped before traveling.
  • Make an advance reservation for your pet in the hotel. This will help the hotel management to have prior arrangements for your pet to have a wonderful stay there. Every hotel has its own unique policy for pet accommodation. An advance reservation will also help you understand the policies and whether you are able to put up with the policies before the actual stay.
  • Chose a comfortable room for both you and your pet. Before you check in it is good to examine the room to ensure it is comfortable for your pet too. A ground room is ideal for a pet lover. Consider the many time the pet will have to go down or a scenario where the pet drops the toy down and has to collect it which will disturb your neighbors. To have a peaceful stay in a hotel with your pet it is advisable to have a ground floor room.


It is good to be courteous and mindful of your neighbors as well. Calm your pet all the time to enable other guests to enjoy their stay. People who value pet companionship can now enjoy the best stay at the Holiday Inn Resort and Seacrest Inn. At these Catalina Island pet friendly hotels your needs, as well as your pet’s, are taken care. If you are visiting for a vacation you don’t have to leave your pet behind as you will be allowed in the room with your very best friend. Your pet is treated as one of your family members entering the same entrance as you.