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Visit Catalina Island

Catalina Island

Catalina Island is one of the most beautiful locations in the lower half of the U.S. This is an island that is quickly developing, yet still staying true to itself as a natural landscape. Its plants and animal life, and rugged terrain, are among the most beautiful sites you will ever see. Its beauty rivals that of Hawaii or Alaska and yet it is just a short drive from Southern California. So, what makes Catalina Island so special?

The land here is 88% controlled by a Conservancy group, legally in charge of protecting the land from over-industrialization. The paradise dwellers here have William Wrigley Jr. to thank. He pioneered tourism and development in the area, which was once practically dead after the Civil War and Second World War. His wishes were preserved and the land remained true to its original form – an undeveloped, natural landscape with coastal plains, ocean water and mountainous wilderness.

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There are cars on Catalina Island but getting one is a pain and impossible for some. This makes the city of Avalon and the town of Two Harbors biking towns. Some of the most crowded streets (like Crescent) are foot traffic only. Despite the prevalence of Eco-tours, glass bottom boats and snorkeling fun, there is also much in the way of entertainment. Visitors can go to Catalina Casino for some fun, movies, and dancing.

Residents or visitors will also enjoy ferry rides, evening cruises and kayaking adventures. There are many five-star quality hotels and restaurants to choose from, many of which offer breathtaking view of the bay areas. Why not come to Catalina Island? Visit Two Harbors, Avalon and perhaps even the island’s rough interiors, courtesy of an Eco-tour. This is an experience unlike any other, and you don’t have to travel halfway around the world to enjoy it! is your resource for all the best Catalina Island has to offer. Remember to look for our “Featured Choices” in our Travel Guide when making your vacation plans.